How to Get Started

P2P Loans are the most innovative way to invest your money. It earns you great returns while generating monthly cash flow that you can reinvest and earn even higher returns.

Get Started
Get Started


Registration is so simple, no long forms to fill

  • No registration fee
  • A simple form to register & confirm identity.
  • Gain access to information about all investment opportunities
  • There is no obligation to deposit funds in order to create an investor’s account.


  • Transfer any amount starting from 10 Dollars to your investor's account.
  • The money in the investor's account is accessible at any time.
  • Add funds using bitcoin.

A Bitcoin account is required

Invest from your Wallet

  • Select your Auto invest plan or choose your investment portfolio from offered loan listings.
  • You can invest in multiple loans.
  • You can decide to invest the full available amount of a particular loan or a smaller amount of your choice.
  • KeyStartFunds recommends to spread your investment across several loans to diversify the portfolio.


  • On the due date of an investment you will receive both the principal amount and the interest to your investor's account.
  • The received funds can be reinvested to earn further interest or transferred to your bitcoin wallet.
  • BuyBack guarantee applies to all loans. If the borrower is late with their loan repayment, without any delays, we pay you back the whole principal and accrued interest amount.

Ready to Invest?

We have provided a platform for investors to get access to consumer credit, which in turn has helped diversify their investment portfolios, and offered them an opportunity to earn competitive returns.