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We are backed by experts in the fields of finance, investment and management.

Paul Graham

CEO at Keystart Home Loans - Paul is an executive leader focussed on growing and developing dynamic and highly effective teams who are motivated by making a significant impact to their clients and community.

Melissa Ong

Senior Business Analyst - Melissa is a Business Analyst with 10 years technology consulting experience. She has held various Business Analyst roles within the Telecommunications, Government, Energy, Oil and Gas Industries in Australia, US and the Philippines.

Lindsay O'Sullivan

Chief Operating Officer - Lindsay is an Executive MBA qualified leader with twenty years’ experience in strategy; financial management; marketing; product and sales development; technology; projects; and building and leading teams.


Feedback From An Investor

“Very good finance company. KeyStartFunds provides a great experience in using their p2p platform. Data about investments are presented the way an investor would like to see them. Highly recommended!

Kim Wenn,
Chief information officer at Tabcorp


How we safeguard your money: No lending account is completely risk-free. But KeyStartFunds is built to keep the risk to your money as low as possible. Here’s how:

Proven track record

Key Start Loans has played a crucial role in the provision of financial services in Australia since Inception in 1999. We have already originated over $4bn in unsecured consumer loans since our inception in 1999. And we believe we shall continue our success in the new peer to peer lending venture of Key Start Funds.

BuyBack Guarantee

Key Start Funds will buy back loan (principal amount and accrued interest for full term), if a borrower is late with the repayment for over 60 days.

Private and Secure

We use industry-recognized security and advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information.

Responsible lending

We only take on carefully vetted lower-risk loans. As part of our extensive due diligence for approving each loan, we look at the credit history, experience and activity of each borrower and review asset and liability statements and payment history. Our panel of surveyors and solicitors also check the legality and security of every potential loan and borrower. We carefully review the exit strategy for each loan to make sure we recover your money if the loan defaults.

Daily spreading

Every day your money is diversified across our entire book of loans. Not only does this reduce the impact from any one borrower defaulting, but it means there’s no difference between drip feeding money into your KeyStartFunds account or putting in a lump sum. You get the same great rates at the same risk either way.

Transparency is our policy

We’re big fans of the phrase, “what you see is what you get.” No hidden fees, no hidden meanings.

Personal Loans, now more personal! Your money, for whatever you need

KeyStartFunds’ loans are simple, 100% online and tailored to match your individual situation KeyStartFunds offers unsecured personal loans for almost anything, including to pay for a car, a holiday, medical or dental work, debt consolidation, home improvement or even to help pay for a wedding. Our loans are 100% online and funded directly by investors, so you don't have to deal with a bank or pay expensive bank interest rates.

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We have provided a platform for investors to get access to consumer credit, which in turn has helped diversify their investment portfolios, and offered them an opportunity to earn competitive returns.



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